Alpha Mom Book Club: Someone Could Get Hurt

News: Alpha Mom Book Club: Someone Could Get Hurt

My name is Marinka and this is my debut hosting the Alpha Mom Book Club. As you probably know, the first selection under my watch is Drew Magary’s Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood.  I love humor, memoirs and writing about parenting, so I picked it, hoping that this would be a light-hearted and  good choice.
And it was. Magary has a deft touch, writing about his life as a husband and dad of three young children, two of whom seem to have the all-too-familiar bouts of toddler Satanic possession. The youngest child  had to have life-saving surgery shortly after birth that involved disembowelment, OMG. He refers to his children as “boy” and “girl”– keeping us at arm’s length and letting us feel that his children, and our own, are all members of the same tribe. Demanding at times, absolutely unreasonable and uncontrollable and unbearable (to list just a few “un”s), but also the source from which we draw breath. As parents, we are at their disposal, even though there are definite times (such as when our own parents are observing) when we need our progeny to bend to our wills and shut the hell up if for no other reason than to make us,  the parents, not seem completely incompetent.  Every parent has been there. We’ve all felt the need to save face.
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