Major League Baseball Seeks Minority Suppliers

News: Major League Baseball Seeks Minority Suppliers

Major League Baseball is offering business opportunities to minority businesses become suppliers or work for the league.  Taking a lead in increasing diversity within the pro-sports industry, the league is holding its its Annual 2014 MLB Diversity Business Summit, which will give attendees a chance to explore careers in the game of baseball, providing access to human resource representatives from all 30 MLB clubs, the MLB Network, the MLB Advance Media, and many more. Now in its third year, the Summit is also a supplier diversity trade fair, connecting entrepreneurs to decision-makers in procurement. The Summit will be held on Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th (Jackie Robinson Day) with a variety of events set to take place.
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2014 SUR/FIN Manufacturing &Technology Conference & Tradeshow Agenda Announced

-- Produced by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), the agenda features more than 90 speakers and 15 high impact sessions.
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